Butterfly tattoo


When Think before you Ink gets a whole new meaning.

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Celtic tattoo

1. Celtic Designs

I’m up for a fight, but this tattoo just isn’t right.

Butterfly tattoo

2. Butterfly

Be gone little bug, I wish to be free.

Chinese symbol tattoo

3. Chinese Symbols

Confucius says… Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.

Dolphin tattoo

4. Dolphins

Everyone loves Marineland… NOT.

Foreign quote

5. Misspelled foreign quote

Silence is golden.

Star tattoo

6. Star

Star light, star bright, star be gone tonight.

Fairy tattoo

7. Fairy

Get your fairy tale ending.

Zodiac tattoo

8. Zodiac signs

-What’s your sign baby?

-None of your business.

Ex-lover's name tattoo

9. Name of ex-lover

She loves me… she loves me NOT.

Barbed wire tattoo

10. Barbed wire

Prison break.

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