Precision Laser™ is extremely proud to be the first and only in Ontario to offer tattoo removal treatments using the brand new, state-of-the-art PicoSure™ laser. In many cases, tattoos can be removed in 50% fewer treatments than any other laser.
Getting started; tattoo on neck
You had your reasons for getting a tattoo, now you have your reasons for removing it. Let our friendly Certified Laser Technicians at Precision Laser™ Tattoo Removal make the process a positive and effective experience for you.


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How it works; lasering tattoo
MedLite® C6 Laser
Advancements in laser tattoo removal technology have led to extremely impressive results. We're proud to use the MedLite® C6 – the safest and most effective tattoo removal laser on the market. Learn more about the specialized equipment we use for tattoo removal.

Hyperpigmentation removal; removal on back
Along with tattoo removal services, our Certified Laser Technicians can take care of your unwanted pigmented lesions. Birthmarks, freckles, age spots, and brown spots are all easily removed with the help of our MedLite® C6 laser.