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Picoway Laser Treatments in Toronto

Removes boldly. Treats Lightly.

PicoWay is considered a best-in-class PicoSecond Laser. Why? Through its multiple wavelengths, it can safely be used on all skin types, offering unparalleled efficacy at removing all colours of ink. There simply is not a laser more effective and safe at removing ink.

What is Picoway?

The PicoWay® system is a new advancement in laser technology that delivers powerful, ultra-short pulses to the skin that create the photoacoustic impact needed to fracture tattoo ink into miniscule particles without overheating surrounding skin. This process clears a wide range of tattoo ink colors, including black, brown, blue, green, purple, red, yellow, and orange.

What to expect with treatment.

Your laser technician will discuss when and how often you should receive treatments. In most cases, they are spaced about 6 weeks apart.

When you come in for a PicoWay laser treatment, a topical anesthetic cream may be given to enhance comfort, however most of our clients find that our Zimmer provides all the comfort they need (a Zimmer is a machine that blows extremely cold air). In clinical studies, the majority of patients reported mild to no discomfort. The most common immediate side effects included mild redness, swelling, and pinpoint bleeding. We will also provide you with simple instructions on post treatment care.

  • Advanced laser technology effectively clears tattoo ink without breaking the skin surface
  • Well-tolerated treatment with mild, temporary side effects
  • Clears a wide range of tattoo ink colors, including black, brown, blue, green, purple, red, yellow, and orange

Ready to learn more? Visit our FAQ page for answers to the most common questions we receive. Or skip to pricing for a look at our rates and price guarantee.

At the moment, our PicoWay™ treatment is only available at our Toronto clinic. Give us a call for a free consultation about PicoWay™ laser treatments Today

Goodbye Body Ink

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