Tattoos NOT To Remove: The 10 Sexiest Tattoo Placements for Women and Men

What’s The Best Sexiest Tattoo Placement?

We write a lot about tattoo removal, but we are by no means anti-tattoo. We love tattoos. We’re just not a fan of crappy tattoos. Most people aren’t, especially if they have a bad tattoo.

So we are dedicating this post to the sexiest tattoo placements on the body.

Sexy tattoos are popular. A common reason people get tattoos is to increase their sex appeal. There is no shortage of men and women who are attracted to sexy tattoos, especially if they are in the right place.

Check out our list of the sexiest places to put a tattoo:

Most Sexy Tattoos for Women

Sexy women with tattoos have become more common than ever. What are some of the top sexy tattoo ideas for women? Naturally, people will find tattoos sexy if they are located in sexy areas on the body.
Here are the sexiest places to put a tattoo:

  • Hip tattoos: Tattoos on the side of the hip or under the hip bone can be very sexy. It’s not just a place to get a butterfly tattoo anymore.
  • Under butt: Many women are now getting tattooed right under their butt cheeks. It’s common to see matching tattoos on each leg. Bow or flower tattoos are common.
  • Rib cage: Known for being a painful area to get a tattoo, it’s common to see women with small tattoos, quotes, and words across their rib cage.
  • Lower back: Even though people make fun of it and call it a tramp stamp, the lower back is still a sexy place to get a tattoo. The key is to get the right tattoo and use an expert tattoo artist. The crappy tattoo designs of the ’90s are a thing of the past.
  • Upper thigh: The upper thigh is growing in popularity. It’s a sexy place that can be concealed. Women often get large, colourful and elaborate tattoos in this area.

Do you agree with the list? Are there other areas of the body you find sexy for tattoos?

Most Sexy Tattoo Placement for Men

What are the hottest places for male tattoos that women love? These sexy tattoo placements also tend to be the most common locations on the body for tattoo spots for men:

  • Sleeves: Tattoo sleeves covering the entire upper arm have become extremely popular today. The half or full sleeve provides you with endless tattoo design possibilities.
  • Upper back: Tattoos spanning across the upper back have become a staple. Many guys have tribal designs or lettering across the top of their back.
  • Chest: Chest tattoos are becoming more commonplace. Some opt to ink a single pec while others opt for chest tattoos that cover the entire middle chest area.
  • Biceps/inner arm: While it’s a sensitive area to get a tattoo, it’s a great location to get a tattoo and keep it somewhat secret.
  • Forearms: We see more and more guys with forearm tattoos. Everyone from businessmen to bodybuilders are inking their forearms today.

Ladies, gents, do you agree with this list? What did we miss? What other places do you find sexy?

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