Summer skin protection tips

School’s Out – 5 Tips To Educate Yourself About How To Protect Your Skin This Summer

School is officially out for the summer! Whether you’ve just completed your senior year in high school, are working toward your college or university degree, or you’re taking professional development courses, finishing classes for the year is a great feeling.

It’s time for vacations, weekends at the cottage, sunny days at the beach, evening walks, drinks on the patio, and enjoying the outdoor weather. Much like the other seasons of the year, summer has its own set factors that can impact your skin. Taking action to protect your skin is important to reduce skin issues.

5 Tips To Protect Your Skin This Summer
You can still enjoy the summer and sunshine without putting your skin at risk. Here are some great tips to ensure your skin looks and feels good this summer:

Stay out of the sun between 10 and 2: We all know we should stay out of the sun during peak times, but how often do you actually do it during the summer? It’s especially tough when you are at the cottage or the beach. If you are in the sun during these times, make sure you wear a hat, sun glasses, and get in the shade if possible.

Getting a tattoo removed? Keep it covered: As long as you protect your tattoo from the sun during the summer, you can still get tattoo removal treatment. Exposure to the sun (sun burns and redness) impact the tattoo removal process. If you have a tattoo you want removed this summer, book an appointment today.

Switch your moisturizer: If you are outdoors frequently, it’s a good idea to switch to a moisturizer with SPF and UV protection in it. This ensures your face and skin is protected, even if you forget to put on sunscreen. It should go without saying, but make sure you apply sunscreen each and every time you are out in the sun this summer.

Check for sunspots: Notice you are developing a sun spot or two? They are no match for PicoSure. Sun spots can be removed effectively by our skin care professionals.

Treat damaged skin: Exposure to UV rays can do significantly damage to your skin. If the effects from long term sun exposure start to show (unwanted freckles, brown patches, and other pigmentation issues) book an appointment to see our professionals at Precision Laser. We can help you improve your complexion quickly and safely.

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