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Tattoo Removal Is on the Rise

Tattoos have never been more common and neither has tattoo removal. The tattoo removal business is on the rise, for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s regret, people have outgrown their tattoos, they got a bad ink job or it’s time to get a tattoo removed to make a career move, more and more people are erasing their ink.

But how many people are actually getting tattoos removed? What are their reasons for removal? Why do people get tattoos in the first place?

We’ve dug into the research to find out why tattoo ink removal has grown in popularity. First, here are some stats about why people get tattoos:

Tattoo Stats – Who’s Inked Up?

Tattoos have never been more prominent. It’s not just bikers and athletes who have tattoos today. Everyone from all walks of life are getting inked up – parents, teachers, grandparents, and especially millennials. And everyone has their own unique reason and meaning behind the tattoos they choose.

A recent Harris Research Poll took a look at who’s got tattoos:

  • 3 in 10 adults have a tattoo
  • Close to half of millennials have a tattoo
  • 6% of baby boomers have a tattoo
  • Of those who have a tattoo, 69% have 2 or more

Reasons for Getting a Tattoo

People have a variety of reasons for getting a tattoo. The poll found that people got a tattoo to feel:

  • Sexy (33%)
  • Attractive (32%)
  • Rebellious (27%)
  • Spiritual (19%)
  • Intelligent (13%)
  • Respected (13%)

Tattoo Removal Stats – Who’s Getting Them Removed, and Why?

Tattoo regret is on the rise, a key factor that is leading to more people seeking tattoo removal. The poll found that 23% of people with tattoos have regret. This is up from 14% in 2012.

The top 5 reasons why people regret getting a tattoo are:

  1. They were too young when they got it – there is no need to rush to get a tattoo
  2. It no longer fits their lifestyle – people change and outgrow tattoos
  3. They got someone’s name whom they are no longer with – give it some serious consideration before you get anyone’s name tattooed on your body
  4. The tattoo was poorly done – always do your homework and find a reputable tattoo artist, even if it costs more
  5. The tattoo isn’t meaningful – always consider meaning when choosing a tattoo design

To conclude, always think before you ink! Make sure you absolutely want a tattoo and there is meaning behind it before you get inked.

Have Tattoo Regret? We Can Help!

Do you have some ink? Thinking about getting a tattoo removed? Regardless of the reason, we can help you make any unwanted tattoo a distant memory. Learn more about our tattoo removal service.

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