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3 Reasons Tattoo Placement Impacts Tattoo Removal Treatments

Does Tattoo Placement Really Matter?

Tattoo placement is something you often think about when you get a tattoo. But those who are considering laser tattoo removal seldom consider it.

While some areas on the body may be considered the best tattoo locations for getting tattoos, they can be the worst for getting tattoos removed. Tattoo placement matters when getting a tattoo removed.

Here are three key ways how tattoo location on your body impacts your tattoo removal treatment:

1) Visible Body Parts May Be More Important To Remove

While tattoos used to be most commonly placed on discrete body parts like upper arms or the back, now it has become common to see tattoos in more visible locations, such as the hands, neck or even the face. While everyone is entitled to express themselves as they see fit, unfortunately some tattoo placements can limit career prospects.

Right or wrong, visible tattoos can act as career barriers in some types of corporate or professional positions. The good news is that if you feel a certain tattoo is holding you back, you can safely remove it with lasers, leaving you clear skin and renewed career prospects.

2) Some Tattoo Body Locations Are Better For Removal

Some tattoo placements are better than others when it comes to tattoo removal effectiveness. Even though every person’s body reacts differently to tattoo removal treatments, there are some areas on the body that react better than others.

As a general rule, the closer the tattoo is to your heart, the more effectively it can be removed. This has to do with your circulation.

Tattoos on the chest, upper back, neck, arms, and face typically take fewer treatments to remove. Lower leg, hands and feet tattoos on average take more treatments to fully remove.

3) Tattoo Placement Impacts Pain

You can probably guess some of the most painful tattoo locations – they are the areas that might make you cringe when you think about getting inked in that area. These same areas on the body can also be quite painful for laser tattoo removal.

Areas where tattoo removal tends to hurt the most include:

  • Areas with thin skin
  • Close to ligaments and bone
  • Areas on the body most people find sensitive

Examples include the lower back, feet, elbows, and ribs.

The good news is that at Precision Laser we are easily able to manage any discomfort associated with laser treatments. We use a Zimmer cooling machine which makes an enormous difference, and we also offer topical numbing cream. Even the most pain sensitive people find it is tolerable, but better to be prepared for some discomfort.

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