That tattoo seemed like a good idea at the time, but now it’s become embarrassing, or carries with it painful memories. It’s time for a removal.

However, certain techniques offer poor results and increased chances of painful and permanent side-effects. If you’re thinking of getting some ink removed, you should be aware of the various safety risks posed by older tattoo removal methods. Let’s ignore those “miracle creams” that will do little else than perhaps fade your tattoo, and give you itchy and irritated skin.


These methods involve scraping down the skin with abrasives such as brushes, salt crystals or various other mechanical means. Salabrasion works the same way, but uses water and granular salt along with the mechanical device. Not only are these methods extremely painful, they cause bleeding, infection and discoloration, all of which leave behind ugly and permanent scars. These methods are also inefficient, quite often not reaching deep enough into the skin to fully remove all the ink.


This method freezes layers of skin in order to remove them. A freezing agent is used to create a kind of frostbite on the area, which is then scraped off. This method is painful enough to require a local anaesthetic and can cause blistering, discoloration, permanent scars and can even affect areas other than the tattoo itself.


If those earlier methods are not hard-core enough for you, you could always opt for the surgical method, where your tattoo can be removed by effectively cutting it out of your skin, and then stitching up the wound. As expected, this method causes pain and can lead to very ugly scarring.


Whether it involves a trichloroacetic acid or glycolic acid peels, this method involves using various mixtures of acid to burn layers of skin away. Another method is the injection of acid, which attempts to flush away the ink of the tattoo. This method is quite dangerous, given the hazardous properties of the liquids used, and it can cause pain, sores, bruising, infection and, you guessed it, permanent scarring.


Thankfully, technology has kept up with the growing demand for tattoo removal. Laser removal offers by far the safest, most painless and efficient method of removing that unwanted ink. At Precision Laser Tattoo Removal, our specialists make use of the most cutting-edge technology in the PicoSure™ technique. Whether you visit us in Toronto, or at our new London location, you can be assured of receiving the best in laser tattoo removal treatments. We’ll help you shed the ink, not the skin.


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