Q: What types of pigments can be treated?

A: Our treatment options at Precision Laser™ Tattoo Removal in Toronto can safely and effectively remove acne scars, birthmarks, moles, age spots, freckles and other pigmentation issues from your skin. Our treatments are effective on a variety of skin types. Contact us in Toronto or London today to determine if you’d be a good candidate for our methods of treatment.

Q: Does it hurt?

A: Some people experience minimal discomfort during photo rejuvenation treatments. However, our staff is professional, and we do our best to ensure your comfort during all procedures performed in our clinic.

Q: How long will the treatments take?

A: Treatments can take as little as 30 minutes, depending upon the size of your treatment area(s).

Q: How many treatments will I need?

A: The number of treatments you will need is dependent upon the severity of your pigmentation. Sometimes multiple treatments will be necessary to produce the desired results.

Q: What is the recovery process like?

A: Most people are able to resume their normal activities immediately following their treatment session.

Q: What types of results can I expect?

A: You can expect to see less noticeable unwanted skin pigmentations for a more even skin tone after treatment.

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