The total cost of removing a tattoo depends primarily on the size and the number of treatments required to remove the tattoo. The total number of treatments required depends on variables such as the colours and concentration of ink present in the tattoo, as well as skin tone. The average number of treatments required to fully remove a tattoo is 3 to 6 on our state-of-the-art PicoSure™ laser, or 6 to 12 on our MedLite® C6 laser.

The chart shows the price per session, but clients also have the option of purchasing a package of 6 or more treatments. The benefits to a package are:

A lower cost per treatment
Guaranteed lower rate if ongoing treatments are required
Guaranteed reimbursement of unused treatments if fewer treatments are needed to remove the tattoo
VERY small tattoos (i.e. smaller than 1” x 1”) may be offered for less than the 1” rate if appropriate.

Prices apply to treatments using the MedLite C6 laser.

Tattoo Removal Pricing Chart

Note: the above price chart provides guidelines. The exact cost per session is confirmed during the consultation.


Add $10 per treatment.


Multiply package price per session by number of sessions. Note that packages of 6 are offered for black or dark blue, and packages of 8 for any other colours.

Example: 4” x 4” tattoo, 2 colours, 8 sessions: $215 x 8 sessions = $1720


Precision Laser™ offers 0% financing for packages! We also offer long-term, low interest financing through Medicard. Contact us for details.


Price each tattoo individually, add the price of removing each together, then offer 10% off the total.


Scheduling your consultation at our Toronto office or our London location will establish the number of treatments required to achieve your expected results. Specializing in tattoo removal also allows us to guarantee you won’t find a lower price.

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