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Erase the Ink with Laser Tattoo Removal

The tattoo always seems right at the time, but people’s personalities and preferences always change. If you have a tattoo that no longer expresses who you are, Precision Laser™ Tattoo Removal is here to help.

Don’t Worry: The Lasers Aren’t Dangerous

Laser treatments are a very safe way to remove your tattoos. The laser simply shines a very intense beam of light into your tattoo, and the light causes a reaction in the ink particles that breaks them up. Your body will safely absorb and cleanse those particles naturally.

When you come in for a free consultation, we will look at your skin type and tattoo to determine the safest and most effective treatment option for you. Since laser tattoo removal is a process, you shouldn’t necessarily expect to see results right away.

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Get Rid of Tattoos Faster with the PicoSure™ Laser

The PicoSure™ laser can remove tattoos with 50%-75% fewer treatments than any other tattoo removal laser, which means that you’ll be able to erase that ink in nearly half the time. This laser also comes with a number of other benefits, including reduced scarring.

When used in conjunction with the MedLite® C6 laser, laser treatments can also remove birthmarks, brown spots and age spots. Tell us what you need removed in your initial consultation, and we’ll tell you about your options.

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Advanced Equipment | The MedLite®

sets the standard: there simply isn’t a more effective or safer Q-switched tattoo removal laser on the market. The nanosecond pulse durations and high peak power allow the tattoo to be treated effectively with minimal risk of scarring, skin pigment changes and discomfort during treatment. And, unlike most lasers, the MedLite® C6 is capable of removing all colours of ink – even hard-to-treat pigments.

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